Local Food

Local Food

One of the many highlights of visiting Benidorm is experiencing the local cuisine. With its prime location on the Mediterranean coast, Benidorm offers an incredible array of fresh and flavorful dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

At the heart of Benidorm’s culinary scene is the paella, a delicious rice dish that originated in the nearby region of Valencia. Made with a variety of ingredients such as chicken, rabbit, and seafood, paella is a must-try dish for anyone visiting the area. And with plenty of restaurants in Benidorm specializing in this traditional dish, you won’t have to go far to sample the very best.

Another highlight of the local cuisine is the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fresh, whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, grains, and seafood. With its focus on simple yet delicious ingredients, the Mediterranean diet is not only tasty but also incredibly healthy.

Speaking of seafood, Benidorm is renowned for its incredible variety of fresh seafood, including prawns, octopus, and a variety of fish. Whether grilled, fried, or served in a delicious stew, seafood lovers are sure to be in heaven in this coastal town.

In addition to its savory dishes, Benidorm also has a thriving dessert scene, with plenty of delicious treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. One popular dessert is the tarta de Santiago, a traditional almond cake that is both moist and flavorful. Another must-try dessert is the churros con chocolate, a fried dough pastry that is dipped in rich chocolate sauce.

Of course, no visit to Benidorm would be complete without sampling some of the local wine. The nearby region of Alicante produces some of the finest wines in Spain, including rich and full-bodied reds as well as crisp and refreshing whites. And with plenty of wine bars and restaurants in Benidorm offering local wines, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sample the very best.

In conclusion, Benidorm offers a diverse and delicious culinary scene that is sure to delight foodies of all kinds. So why not book your stay at our hotel and experience the very best of Mediterranean cuisine? We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!